Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Breaking Down Their Week 2 Game Tape - Bleacher Report

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers gave up a lot of points to the New York Giants on Sunday.

41 of them, to be exact.

But upon further review, what plays stood out as those that were worthy of a second look and further analysis?

Let's break down a little game tape, shall we?

Josh Freeman to Vincent Jackson for a 29-yard touchdown pass

Three plays after the Mason Foster interception of Eli Manning, Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman connected on a 29-yard scoring strike to receiver Vincent Jackson.

On the play, the Giants sent linebacker Jacquian Williams on a blitz from the right-side, where he came through untouched into the Tampa Bay backfield.


With Williams blitzing, safety Antrel Rolle was tasked with the assignment of covering running back D.J. Ware, who runs a flat route to Freeman's left.

With Rolle in man-coverage out in the flat, Giants cornerback Michael Coe is left one-on-one with Jackson, who ran a fade route to the front pylon, hauling in the Freeman pass at the 4-yard line before being dragged down just inside the end zone.

Even with the blitzing Williams baring down on him untouched, Freeman delivered a perfectly-timed pass to Jackson, who was able to get past Coe at the line of scrimmage with relative ease.

Freeman-jacksontouchdownframe3jpeg_original_originalImage courtesy of FoxSports

For whatever reason, Coe did not press Jackson at the line, which allowed the much bigger receiver to streak by on his way to a quick touchdown catch.

Freeman-jacksontouchdownframe2_original_originalImage courtesy of FoxSports

Doug Martin 8-yard touchdown run

On 2nd-and-5 from the Giants' 8-yard line, Tampa Bay rookie running back Doug Martin takes a hand off and initially attempts to take the ball up the middle, but quickly spins and bounces outside to the left of the defense.

Dougmartintdrun1_original_originalImage courtesy of FoxSports

After breaking away to the outside, Martin runs untouched into the end zone for the first professional score of his young career.

Receiver Vincent Jackson was flanked to the left side, where he was drawing double-coverage. Both the cornerback and the safety covering Jackson follow him as he runs a slant route into the end zone.


As a result, both run themselves away from the path of Martin, who again, found no resistance once he spun outside and away from the Giants' defense.

Dougmartintdrun2_original_originalImage courtesy of FoxSports

Eli Manning to Hakeem Nicks for a 23-yard touchdown pass

Down 17-6 and badly needing a score with the first-half winding down, quarterback Eli Manning found receiver Hakeem Nicks on a go route for a 23-yard touchdown, capping a 10-play, 80-yard drive.


Safety Ronde Barber came on a blitz, leaving cornerback Aqib Talib alone against Nicks to the left side of the defense. At the line, Nicks fakes to his right and is able to get Talib to bite on it, thus allowing the speedy Nicks to run past him unblocked.


Manning, initially looking to his left, finds Nicks streaking towards the end zone and hits him in stride with the pass. Because Manning was looking to his left, he was able to hold safety Mark Barron away from Nicks, which again, allowed for the touchdown to occur.

Manningnickstdpass3_original_originalImage courtesy of FoxSports

Eric Wright's 60-yard interception return for a touchdown


With the Giants threatening with another scoring drive before the end of the half, cornerback Eric Wright blitzes from the slot, but stops halfway to Eli and, mid-jump, intercepts a Manning pass intended for Victor Cruz.


After dancing around a handful of would-be tacklers, Wright races his way 60-yards for a touchdown.

It is the third interception of Manning of the half, and the Bucs were able to generate 21 points as a result of the three turnovers they created.

The Bucs went into halftime leading 24-13.

Eli Manning to Victor Cruz for an 80-yard touchdown pass

With the Bucs leading 27-19 with just under seven minutes remaining in the game, cornerback Eric Wright attempts to blitz Manning from the slot. With Wright blitzing, safety Ronde Barber is tasked with covering slot receiver Victor Cruz.


With the offensive line of New York protecting Manning on all fronts, Eli is able to step up in the pocket and connect with a wide-open Cruz, whose double-move on Barber allowed the speedy receiver to get by with minimal resistance.


Once Cruz has hauled in the catch, he races pass safety Mark Barron on his way to an 80-yard score.

Manningcruztd2_original_originalImage courtesy of FoxSports

After a successful two-point conversion, the Giants tied the game up at 27 apiece.

Eli Manning to Martellus Bennett for a 33-yard touchdown pass

Tight end Martellus Bennett is in the slot, lined up next to receiver Ramses Barden on the outside. At the snap, Barden runs a slant route in front of cornerback Brandon McDonald, who then switches to cover Bennett, who is running a wheel route towards the pylon.


Because Manning is afforded ample time in the pocket, he is able to make his passing progressions, where he notices the much-taller Bennett paired against McDonald. With Barden running a slant route towards the middle of the defense, safety Mark Barron is held in place, rather than offering over-the-top coverage for McDonald on the sideline.


Bennett is able to make the grab over McDonald near the goal line, before falling into the end zone for a go-ahead touchdown.

Manningbennetttd3_original_originalImage courtesy of FoxSports

The score put the Giants ahead 34-27 with just over four minutes remaining in the game.

Josh Freeman to Mike Williams for a 41-yard touchdown pass

With the Bucs trailing by a touchdown, they look for a quick score to even things up. On the play, receiver Mike Williams is lined up across from cornerback Justin Tryon. At the snap, Williams runs a simple go route, with Tryon staying step-for-step with him down the field.


However, the Giants are unable to generate a pass rush, leaving Freeman with a clear, uninterrupted passing window to work with. Freeman is able to step up in the pocket and attempt a long pass attempt towards the end zone.


Williams is able to out-jump Tryon for the ball, then while attempting to bring it in to his body, temporarily uses Tryon's helmet to secure the pass, before landing on both feet inside the end zone for a touchdown reception.

Freemanwilliamstd3_original_originalImage courtesy of FoxSports

The score tied the game at 34-34, with just under two minutes left in regulation.

On the ensuing drive, the Giants are able to work their way down the length of the field, finally punching it for a touchdown with 34 seconds remaining.

With a timeout and 25 seconds to use, Freeman completes a 19-yard pass to Vincent Jackson, who is able to get out of bounds and stop the clock.

Freeman appears to connect with Mike Williams along the sideline on the next play, but after the play is reviewed, it is ruled that Williams did not fully possess the ball before dropping it on his way out of bounds.

On the very next play, Freeman is flushed out of the pocket to his right and attempts to find tight end Dallas Clark over the middle, but his pass sails high and into the arms of linebacker Michael Boley.

The game ends on the controversial kneel-down, with the Giants winning 41-34.

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